Therapeutic Benefits of Online Dating : Top Ten

After engaging and researching several online dating sites, I’ve come to some conclusions/insights about how this method can be not only helpful in finding yourself a date, (amongst other things)  but also can be quite THERAPEUTIC in ways we might not realize. Therefore, I feel compelled to share some insight with you so that the next time you are on line and perhaps are disappointed you haven’t found the love of your life, you can at least remember that it is still helping you and that you might also be possibly gaining some serious therapeutic benefits by engaging in online dating behavior.

“Just for the record” my discoveries are based on professional and personal interviews I have done with clients and friends.  These are my research findings and beliefs but should not be seen as my giving therapy nor are measured scientifically nor are data driven.

Top Ten Reasons Online Dating is therapeutic.

1. Challenges your comfort zone and makes you GROW!

2. Focuses your MIND on getting what you want

3. HELPS TO DEFINE your “bottom line”, and helps you to make boundaries

4. Makes you engage: this is good for people whom are shy and allows you to be open and expressive

5. Highlights your positive attributes. (good for the ego, and for the soul)

6. Highlights your negative attributes and makes you contemplate changes.

7. Creates honesty and checks your integrity


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