Romancing the Stone: a new paradigm shift

I used to love that movie, “Romancing the Stone”, not for the dialog, but because it shows how our ideas of relationships back in the 80’s was primary still  based on traditional roles. Woman is in distress, man saves woman…and they sail around the world. But, does that really happen? Hmmm, not so much. On the contrary, what i have have been seeing in my practice is just the opposite. Many couples are switching roles, man stays home, woman goes to work and I’m seeing people work that out to their advantage. My basic point is that people *are* changing. Roles *are* changing and from all of the media that still relies upon old antics to define current culture, I wanted to be one who is actually witnessing the change. I am encouraged about this because I am fortunate to work with clientele who are for the most part, evolving. For the rest of the nation, I’m not so sure but would be happy to take a poll.  However, here in the Bay area, women are seizing the day and men are happy to help. If all of that is good then what about this scenario still seems antiquated?  Although both women and men are finding more peace in the current climate of marriage and family at home and at work is it true that roles are still the same in the bedroom? That is a good question and will be answered in my next post. Think about it: what do you think happens? Feel free to write in and post your comments.


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