Sex Goddess Workshops


They are opening up everywhere. Why? There is a great demand for women to reclaim their power and thrive. My gut feeling is that I completely believe in this theory of having women become more empowered. However i would beg the question as to whatever happened to us that we weren’t? General public uses “reclaim” their power, but my instinct and the way I work is that the woman *already* has power, she just needs to express it. I don’t believe women are needing to feel empowered because they don’t have it in them and somehow have to go and get it, but rather they *already* have it and now just need a place to express it. Due to this, I am forming a Sex Goddess Workshop where women will be supported and encouraged to express themselves safely, effectively, and with some G-d damn booty bumping! I’m serious. What is the purpose of female empowerment/sexual expression if you can’t stick your booty out and say, “HELLS YEAH!”. Okay, so you get the picture. In the meantime, contact me for more details or click on my webpage. You’ll be happy you did it! Go get your girl on now! -Your admirer , alison


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