Beginners and seasoned players all welcome…

San Francisco Sex Therapy and Couples Counseling Center’s founder, Alison Leigh, MFT has been coaching, training and leading workshops for men and women for more than a decade.

Words from the Source:

I am grateful every day that I have the chance to witness couples, individuals and  groups work  in their personal process toward fulfilling their desires to become better lovers, friends, and to be open to new possibilities that await them. Before i give you details on how to make your relationship successful, I would like to first invite you to start at the beginning to get a feel of where you land in the sexuality spectrum.


way for someone to come forward and talk about their own relationship to their own sexual identity. (That is my definition). What that means #1) is that sex therapy DOES NOT mean something is WRONG with you. Let’s get that straight. #2) You don’t have to have some sort of perverted or strange FETISH to come and talk with us. You can be NORMAL (whatever that is) and STILL come and talk about SEX.  ( I like spelling that out for you). #3) Sex therapy is about EXPRESSION of REPRESSION. That means whatever you ARE NOT saying is holding, keeping, stagnating in your body and not allowing you to be FREE, or to RELEASE your emotions in REAL time. REPRESSION hold you hostage UNTIL you come to a therapist to help you RELEASE your unwanted trauma, emotions or your personal STUFF. got it? good.

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