San Francisco Sex Therapy and Couples Counseling Center

is ready for action! We are now open to anyone who desires: a mind/body connection, to be fully honest with their sexuality, to get help with their relationship, explore what their sexuality means to them, and so much more. We are a small group of talented therapists, experienced at dealing with an array of different issues: anxiety, depression, addictions, body image, sexual dysfunctions, intimacy issues, etc. We would love to help you find more pleasure in your life so please email us at

for more information. We apologize for not having our website up yet. We will have it done soon enough and look forward to hearing your story and helping you solve it.

Your team at SFSTC

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2 comments on “San Francisco Sex Therapy and Couples Counseling Center

  1. how can I get my husband to use more foreplay before sex. we are 55 years old, were old sweethearts who just married. WE were terrific to gether 30 yrs ago but now at this old age I have some issues with menopause and orgasm as a physical thing not emotional. ie the parts dont work so well or I need more warming up my engine before I an get there to my goal. get my drift.
    how to present this to him.? He is recpetive to me but i cannot spit out the words.


    • Hi Catty,
      I am back on this site after a long break but now just answering some questions. I appreciate your question.
      I will happily answer questions (yours) when I’m able. Again, thank you for your comment.


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