San francisco for a long time…

.. has earned the reputation of a sex positive culture. But, has it? Of course, there is gay pride and rip-roaring celebratory confetti throwing motorcycle beer drinking street festivals, but what is really underneath all of rainbow cheer? After living here for almost fifteen years, I have discovered a secret that really is no secret. That secret is that most people even after given full rights, (even a full day or a fully blocked off street) to say, “I’m out and I’m proud”are to some degree still filled with much too much pain and sadness. I’m not just talking about queers here folks. I’m talking straight, gay or whomever. There is a lot of shame in our city and it doesn’t stop south of market. Shame is one of the feelings that is common and comes up in a therapeutic context along with the full spectrum of emotions that come from sharing what your feelings are especially in regards to what is going on sexually with you both personally and in partnership.

Good news is that is where we come in! Let us help and let us help while soothing your senses, calming your nerves and all the while having some fun as well. San francisco Sex Therapy and Couples Counseling Center is a new way of doing therapy. We combine the art of comfort with the science of therapy. That means we get the job done, but we do it with grace, compassion and at your pace, with style, elegance and most of all with a smile and a warm snuggly san francisco hug. (only upon request of course).

So, no matter what your mood, your emotion, your attitude for the day, we will take you like you are. Just give us a ring and we’re waiting for you!

SFSex Center Director: Alison Leigh, MFT



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